Man of God
Founder President of P.J. Stephen Paul Ministries
P.J.S. Paul Foundation
Life Changing Revival Centre

P.J. Stephen Paul is a preacher and evangelist who founded the Life Changing Revival Centre Church. He’s also a motivational speaker and TV personality. His encounter with God at 16 changed everything for him. Heeding to the voice of God, he submitted to the call of God and devoted his life in studying, teaching the bible and preaching the gospel since 1993. Since then thetransformation he achieved to be a Leader, Visionary and a Provocative thinker is remarkable.

He has the gift of explaining the Bible and Teaching in a clear and simple way has helped to build a strong foundation of faith in millions of lives. His non-denominational, non-sectarian approach to Christianity has made his teaching equally relevant and helpful to people from all racial and religious backgrounds.

Pastor Stephen Paul operates 24 different Ministries, has authored over 35+ Books, 12+ very popular Audio albums, 1000+ video teachings, many of which have been translated and published in more than 5 Indian languages.

P J Stephen Paul YouTube Channel has more than 1.25 million Subs and every single day morning & evening live prayers are being held continuously since March 2020 onwards which was a great blessing and strength for the people since the time from the covid-19 lockdown period till today.

Pastor P.J. Stephen Paul travelled to more than 88 countries preaching and teaching the unchanging word of God and ministered at many Christian conferences worldwide and continues to reach out to people across the globe through various Gospel & Open Air Crusades, Healing & Deliverance Meetings, Faith Conferences, Seminars, fulfilling the mandate to keep on preaching and teaching the word of God “until Jesus returns”.

Man of God P J Stephen Paul is not just a man of words but a man of deeds. In order to fulfil the command of God: LOVE GOD & LOVE PEOPLE, apart from preaching & teaching PJS Paul Foundation organizes several Philanthropic & Charitable Activities like,.

  • Immediate Relief & Support are rendered to victims of Natural Calamities, and Ethnic violence Etc.
  • Free Medical Camps, Blood Donation Camps, Free Medi cines; Free Eye Glasses Etc. are provided to the poor and needy.
  • Free Food, Fruits, Clothes, Blankets Distribution to Homeless, Under Privileged, Needy, Orphans. Free Essential Provisions supplied to Widows & Old Aged.
  • Monthly support of provisions , clothes to listed orphanages &old ages across India.

God brought a true helper, Sis. Shaila Paul into the life of Pastor Stephen Paul who played key role in this vision that God gave to them and worked together tirelessly for kingdom advancement and empowerment. She has been a great wonderful inspiration and a great mentor to women old and young alike. She is dedicated to uplift women, children and families from the clutch of sin, sickness & bondages and gives them an opportunity to know Christ and get saved. Together they are the proud parents of Sheena Paul and Shine Paul who are participating in their own ways and talents together as a family in the Lords Ministry.

Sister Shaila Paul

Woman of God Sister Shaila Paul encountered the Holy Spirit of God at the age of 13. Since then she has had a strong desire to minister the word of God and to reach the unreached. Her passion to share the gospel was fulfilled when God brought Sister Shaila Paul and Man of God Pastor Stephen Paul together in the Holy Union. They both share a strong burden to peach the Good News and to lead the lost sheep towards the Shepherd, Jesus Christ. Indeed she is the right helper for Man of God Pastor Stephen Paul.

Over the years Sister Shaila Paul has led a powerful Ministry among women encouraging and counseling them with the word of God. Her reflective listening and empathy towards people laid a foundation for many of the charitable works she conducts through PJSPAUL FOUNDATION.

Sis Shaila Paul is a mother to two wonderful children, Sheena Paul, Shine Paul & a Spiritual Mother to Hundreds of born again believers. Her strong persona and unique style of preaching has led millions to the Lord making her on the most influential women in the Christian groups.

Sheena Paul, First born of Pastor PJ Stephen Paul and Sis Shaila Paul, received the Holy Spirit of God at a young age of 7. Sheena Paul is blessed with a unique style of singing and has sung over 30 songs. Like her father Pastor PJ Stephen Paul, Sheena is strong willed and determined to accomplish any given task.

When the world was hit by the recent pandemic Sheena pitched in to share the responsibilities carried by her parents.Through her You Tube Channel – Sheena Paul, she now shares her thoughts everyday on biblical truth through BED TIME Blessings which encourages young people. Her dedication and passion towards the work of God has drawn children and youth alike towards God. Sheena Paul has a great empathy and compassion towards those in need of help. She has been a part of multiple charitable events conducted by PJSPAUL FOUNDATION  which shows her commitment to the vision shared by her parents.

Shine Paul

Shine Paul started his work in the ministry at a tender age of 5. Since then he has dedicated his life to serve God and ministers to the youth and alike. He has been greatly influenced by his parents who were already paving the way towards building the kingdom of God by sharing the gospel. Shine Paul is compassionate and committed towards his calling which he takes up after his mother, Shaila Paul.

Shine Paul, now ministers through his You Tube Channel through MORNING TIME Blessings which shares his thoughts on biblical truth, influencing and encouraging youth. Shine Paul leads the younger generation by example. He is a proactive thinker and intentional learner focused on his goal to bring the younger generation closer to Christ through his support in the ministry. He has been part of the charitable works organized by the PJSPAUL FOUNDATION and has stood as the ambassador for the Ministry.